The season of light and love is back once again.
Let’s celebrate and enjoy the most magical Christmas.

PAUL shares yuletide joy with a heaving menu of
crowd favorites and new creations!

Let the magical wonders of Christmas be filled with
excitement and joy by our mouth-watering savory delights.

The fondest memories are made gathered around the table.
Everyone can share and enjoy our fresh-from-the-oven
reindeer brioche.

With our traditional and signature log cakes in 3 different sizes
to choose from. You can enjoy it straight from your table
or bring it as a gift to share with your family and friends.

Whatever your desires are, PAUL is here for you. 



Savoury Delight

Crêpe parisien

Thin pancake, cage free egg, homemade tomato sauce, emmental cheese, smoked salmon, herbs cream cheese, fresh salad.

 280 THB 




Crêpe ham egg

Thin pancake, cage free egg, homemade bechamel sauce, emmental cheese, mozzarella cheese, sliced avocado, fresh salad.

 280 THB 




Seafood gratin

Shrimp, squid, black mussel, baby scallop, seabass, leek, garlic butter, white wine, cheese sauce, vienna bread.

 580 THB 



Fillet mignon Kurobuta

Kurobuta tenderloin wrapped with smoked bacon, mashed potato, charcuterie sauce.

 450 THB 




Joue de boeuf à la Bourguignonne

Stewed Aus beef cheek in red wine
burgundy style, mashed potatoes,
smoked bacon, shallot, carrot.

 690 THB 




Butter beer 

Sparkling butterscotch caramel, topped with signature cream cheese.

 125 THB   /  12 oz



Traditional Cakes

X’mas chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, wafers, cocoa powder, coconuts powder.

 210 THB   / sliced

 1,650 THB   / whole




Raspberry log cake

Sponge cake, egg white, sugar, butter, raspberry, strawberry.

 180 THB   / sliced

 700 THB   / half

 1,400 THB   / whole




Chocolate yule log cake

Chocolate sponge, whipped cream, dark chocolate, milk, butter, sugar, chocolate pearl.

 160 THB   / sliced

 620 THB   / half

 1,200 THB   / whole



Festive Treats


X’mas millefeuille strawberry

Caramelized puff pastry, custard cream, fresh strawberries, icing sugar.

 250 THB  




X’mas millefeuille chocolate & salted caramel

Caramelized puff pastry, custard chocolate, salted caramel, chocolate flake, cocoa powder.

 220 THB  


X’mas fruit cake

Wheat flour, butter, brown sugar, walnuts, cranberries, apricot, raisins, salt, rum.

 285 THB  



Wheat flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, yeast, chocolate.

 75 THB  




X’mas cookies

Butter, egg, wheat flour, chocolate chips, baking powder, sugar.

 175 THB  




Galette des rois

Puff pastry, almond cream, egg yolks and sugar syrups.

 180 THB   / sliced

 1,250 THB   / whole

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

*Prices are subject for 10% service charge.
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